Engagement photoshoot in Clapham Common | Jess & Jonathan

Jess and Jonathan are quite unlikely to have heard of the Marvelettes as they are far too young, but they remind me of the song “When you’re young and in love…” These lyrics are perfect, don’t you think?

Spring in the air (filled with love) | There’s magic ev’rywhere | When you’re young and in love | Life seems to be (just a dream) | A world of fantasy | When you’re young and in love | Each night seems just like the Fourth of July | When stars spangle the sky | The moon at night (shines so bright) | Seems to shine twice as bright | When you’re young and in love |Ooh, dreams can come true (try a dream) | If you believe they do | When you’re young and in love | Though many teardrops are bound to fall | True love can conquer all | When you’re, when you’re young and in love…

And yes it’s true – love conquers all. Here’s to Jess and Jonathan and the adventures ahead of them, no doubt filled with excitement, faith, hope and a love that conquers all. Congratulations Jess & Jonathan and see you in a few! Lx


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