A portrait session with Ragini, author of No Winter Lasts Forever

I have recently had a portrait session with Ragini who is a teacher and writer. Today I read her book, No Winter Lasts Forever, where Ragini spoke about the tragic loss of her loved ones in the Kings Cross fire. Recent events with the Grenfell fire had me wondering about how much grief and suffering the victims of the families are going through.

Many of us I’m sure have some experience of grief in one way or another. I lost my oldest brother when I was only nine and, a terrible time as it was, the impact it had on me was not as profound as it could have been had it happened when I was older. Reading Ragini’s book was like being allowed to see the deepest grief through a window. Ragini was able to articulate this kind of suffering with such reality, rawness and honesty.

To us who have only experienced the Grenfell tragedy by seeing the news, Ragini’s story gives insight and understanding on how this kind of grief affects lives. Yet, Ragini speaks about truth and hope and an encounter that has lifted the deepest sorrow and brought back joy and gladness. A short, beautifully written personal story of triumph in the face of great devastating loss. Thank you Ragini.


A few weeks ago, I asked Ragini to write a short introduction about her life and work and talk about her first book and the second book she is working on.

“I live in East London with my husband Simon. The gist of who I am can be summed up in three words: faith, fun, family.

Faith in Jesus is the essence of who I am. He has brought light into dark times, peace over anxiety and hope when all seemed lost. My first book No Winter Lasts Forever is a snapshot of my experiences of multiple bereavement. My attitudes have been forged in adversity and I firmly believe that it is never too late to begin again. So I write about hope and my next project, Seeking the Silver Lining explores this theme.

My family embodies resilience having faced wave after wave of setbacks and difficult challenges. True champions live differently and they shine as they stand against adversity. I have been blessed with friends who believe the best of me and colleagues whose encouragement helped me in countless ways. Many things make me smile. I am passionate about music, dancing, sewing, reading, eating, walking, observing, dreaming, resting and chasing bubbles. But my passion is overwhelmingly writing.

I have been keeping journals for nearly twenty years. I record events, feelings, hopes and reflections. I write poems and songs. Influenced by nature, I walk and watch. I am inspired by rain, snow, cobwebs, animals – whatever I notice. Sometimes, I write cards and letters to encourage others. Many times, I am more comfortable writing rather than speaking. I find it easier to think and form words that capture my heart. Loving words, I gasp with delight at a phrase or sentence that has been well crafted. I have an eclectic taste. During different stages of life, I have relished different genres from science fiction to who-dun-its and I love sagas that span generations. Surprisingly, I do not have a favourite author. Currently, I am reading biographies and was particularly inspired reading about Heidi Baker’s life.”


I encourage you to read Ragini’s books; they are eye-openers and soul-lifters. You can download No Winter Lasts Forever from Amazon. I look forward to reading Seeking the Silver Lining when it comes out.

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