Experiments in saturation in Photoshop: random photos

As my knowledge of Photoshop barely scratches the surface, I thought I’d experiment with a few other tools that I have not used much until recently. Saturation is one of them. Desaturating colour can be quite exciting; it can give photos an ‘aged’ look or make them appear classic. I prefer desaturating in RAW as somehow the outcome looks better.
Again, there’s an infinite number of saturation tones and any other tools you might want to blend with it. Here are some of my ‘desaturate’ experiments. Some I would say are successful, others are much better left in full colour. I suppose practice will make me better at it. When I look at a photo, I usually go by my instinct on whether it would look good desaturated, or converted to black and white or sepia. The more photos I take and the more photos I look at, the more I learn.



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