H & R’s winter wedding @ Harleyford Golf Club | London Wedding Photographer

It all started in their church’s worship team. He has always liked her. But was too shy to say so. So they remained acquaintances for a couple of years, which led into a good friendship for another couple of years and finally into a strong relationship. More than acquaintances, more than friends. Now husband and wife. Rob’s fear of being rejected at the beginning was completely unfounded. Heather said yes the first time he asked her out.

Their wedding was nothing short of amazing. Amazing because there was so much love, so much thoughtfulness, so much giving. So much fun too. And these sum up Rob and Heather. A God-loving, thoughtful, giving couple who put others ahead of themselves. It’s easy to see why so many people love them and genuinely share their joy.

Congratulations Rob and Heather and have a really special first Christmas together as husband and wife!

A special thank you to my lovely assistant Esther who captured the day with me. In the middle of a cold winter, we caught the perfect sunset just in time for the portraits!

Bridal bouquet and flowers by Pollenation
Church: St Andrews Church in High Wycombe
Reception: Harleyford Golf Club
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