Hayford & Rhodes at the BAFTA | London Wedding Photographer

Now that you’ve seen the drinks reception gallery, take a peek at the boardroom transformed into floral glory. Whilst the florists were working on the flowers, the lighting man testing and positioning his funky lights, and us taking every opportunity to photograph, BAFTA staff and some visitors would pop in to have a look at the breathtaking displays and take photos from their phones.Hayford & Rhodes pulled out all the stops to make this event truly beautiful, memorable, and successful. A perfect location for a stunning display by one of London’s very best florists.
Boardroom 3Boardroom 4Boardroom 6Boardroom 9Boardroom 7Boardroom 13Boardroom 8Boardroom 12Boardroom 2Boardroom 5Boardroom 14Boardroom 10Boardroom 11PanoramaBoardroom 1
Thank you to Lisa Warren for shooting with me at very short notice! I’m very grateful.

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