The E family: Of love, life with kids, and the next decade…at Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park| London Family Photographer

If you have followed my blog from 2010, you would know that this beautiful family needs no introduction. I have featured them here a couple of times before. So it’s no surprise why shoots with the E family are always special to me. I feel that as they grow as a family, I grow with them too, as a photographer. I have photographed their family through various stages of learning this thing called photography and even through 3 camera upgrades! Seeing these delightful kids are always a joy. So without further ado, let me share with you their latest photos.

C is handsome and clever. He always has smart and funny things to say.
Erdlyweb1 He even has a very very special dance that I felt so incredibly privileged to see! And he loves dinosaurs.
But not as much as he loves his little sister. Petite and pretty as a little daisy, F is delightful… and very busy. She loves life and rarely ever sits still. Gone are the days when I was able to put her in a little basket one Christmas season
She has the most gorgeous blue eyes. This time though, getting her to look straight into the camera so I can capture those amazing blues was very very tricky!
They make their parents very happy, as you can see…
They love Mummy and Daddy so much they hardly leave them to have some special time for themselves…
But Mummy and Daddy need some special time alone, it’s their 10th {yes 10th!} wedding anniversary after all!
Happier and more in love than ever. Congratulations C & C! You are one amazing family. {And in my opinion, C deserves something very sparkly!}
Let me leave you with my favourite shot of Mummy and baby girl…

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