Hello spring! / London Portrait Photographer

My son has been asking “Mummy, is it mid-March, why is it still very cold?” It’s been a looooong wait for sweet sweet spring. Six months of greyness, cold, rain, some snow, layers of clothes, thick coats, hats, gloves, boots that quickly wear out from hours of daily walking… and now at last, sweet sweet sunshine is here. (The question is, though, how long will it stay, what with global warming and its effects in this part of the northern hemisphere….} But, best enjoy it before it goes again. Here are some shots of the first signs of spring in my area. My kids and I searched hard for this pink blossom tree and it was well worth the walk. Alison, I took these daffodils photo thinking of you – happy 1 year anniversary! Oh, and thank you to my hubby for these beautiful tulips xoxo.

For those interested in the tech side of things:
Nikon D90 Lens 50mm f1.4
Editing: Florabella Luxe I and II and some textures added too


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