Parents’ Day / London Children’s Photographer

My oldest daughter’s ballet class last Saturday was special. It was parents’ day – the only day apart from the trial lesson when parents are allowed to watch. So my husband and I decided to make it extra special for her by both of us going to watch her. It was a rare occasion – she had us both solely to herself and she loved it! (A special thank you to my mother-in-law for looking after our 2 other children.)

I watched her trial lesson 10 weeks ago and thought the teachers and their method were nothing short of amazing. I absolutely loved it and wished my ballet lessons when I was little was this much fun.

It must be said, after 9 lessons, my little girl can now squirrel-hop with confidence, get the first position right some of the time and curtsy without falling over sideways. But I think her favourite moves are the butterfly and bumble bee whizzing around in a circle.

The “show” ended with some freestyle dancing. But it wasn’t her cup of tea…She stood in the middle staring at the flowers in her hand – more from shyness than anything else. She is happy though and that matters more.

Ah well, maybe by the end of next term we’ll see some strutting …she might even perfect the grizzly bear walk by then!


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