Looking after Ben the Bear / London Children Photographer

My 5 year old daughter took Ben the Bear home this weekend. The kids in her class take it in turns to look after Ben; this weekend was her turn. ‘Ben’s Book” came with him. In it were pages and pages of evidence of what Ben’s been up to every weekend. The last one was difficult to beat – Ben went into town and did the London tourist thing!

I had a sneaky feeling I was going to be extra busy this weekend. Ben hardly left my daughter’s side and she kept asking me to take photos of her and Ben to put in his book. We gave Ben an adventurous and super-busy weekend. He’s climbed up our tree and ladder, been to ballet with my daughter, got invited to to a Toy Story party, attended a baby dedication, scooted in cool sunglasses with Snow White, played at creche and had lunch out with friends.

My 3 kids loved him and he will be missed for sure. He’s one big-fluffy-cuddly bear and no doubt he’s got more adventures ahead of him.

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