Let it snow let it snow let it snow! London braces for a white Christmas… / London Portrait Photographer

And suddenly it was white…. Snow covered our far-from-picturesque side of town like a spotless blanket. Our local park – the hidden gem in our area – looked even more beautiful. This was a photo opportunity not to be missed. So, in between and after my 6 daily routine school runs, I clicked away and got my kids to run around and mess up pristine sheets of snow on roads, drives, paths, churchyard and park. Here are some of the results.

beth-1.jpgbeth-2.jpgbeth-blog-2.jpgbeth-blue-blog.jpgbeth-house-blog.jpgbeth-snowman-blog.jpgbeth-bw-blog.jpg isaac-run-blog.jpgisaac-snow-blog.jpgisaac-mink-blog-1.jpgisaac-tree-blog.jpgcalla-2.jpgcalla-1.jpgcalla-aki-blog.jpgcalla-aki-blog-1.jpgc-i-mink-blog.jpg

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