Meet an amazing family: Elijah and his parents…/ London Portrait Photographer

Elijah is 9 months old. He has spent 6 months of his life in hospital, 2 months in a hospice and 1 month at home. He is a happy baby; he has two loving parents who care for him and love him with every ounce of their being. He gets plenty of cuddles and kisses. They sing him songs, read him books, play toys with him, carry him around, take him out when possible…everything parents normally do and much much more. They suction his mouth and nose and clear the tube through which he breathes every few minutes. Elijah has a very rare genetic disorder that affects his muscles so much so that he is unable to swallow and breathe on his own.

Elijah’s parents are Christians. They are full of joy and are grateful for every moment they have with Elijah. They celebrate Elijah’s birthday once a month; every single day is a blessing to them. To photograph this inspiring family was a great privilege to say the least. One wonders how they can be so grateful and joyful in these circumstances. Their faith is without doubt immense. I myself am a believer and I am challenged, looking at their faith. If you are reading this and believe, do pray for Elijah. There is healing hope for him because there is Jesus.


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