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Seven years ago all I had was a very cheap point and shoot that didn’t take good pictures and cost me a lot of money in developing and printing photos. At that time, photography was nowhere near the top of my list of priorities. Before this, the last time I owned a film camera was when I was doing two photography modules at university some 9 years before. I had a Pentax SLR then and was never very happy with it. But that was about all I could remember.

I eventually ditched my point and shoot and my husband’s Nikon coolpix digital became our camera. It was an early model, took a loooong time to load photos and was not very sharp. We took many a blurry snapshot of our first and second children when they were babies. During that time, my husband dug out his Minolta film SLR which was a few years old. We started playing with it and took it with us when we could be bothered. That was when my love for photography was rekindled. We purchased a cheap zoom/macro lens for it from ebay and experimented. However, the cost of processing was proving too costly for a one income family. So we decided to take the plunge and go properly digital – one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, and one that started a love affair with Nikon.

Here we are seven years on and I’d just been thinking that we don’t have photos of some details of our wedding. And so I thought I’d revisit it and photograph these details myself. My wedding dress is a little dirty and shoes more worn. Our wedding rings are scratched and no longer as shiny. Other accessories have been dug out of drawers and needed dusting. I still wear CK eternity and still like red. But, most important of all, our love is the same, if not stronger.


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