Another snowy shoot, this time with a touch of Christmas… / London Portrait Photographer

Snow + snowman + poinsettia + reindeer pajamas + cheeky-gorgeous C and pretty-adorable F = the perfect Christmas shoot! This was a rather active shoot thanks to handsome little C who was brimming with energy to the max! He was a ball of jumps, bounces and lots of laughter which made for a perfect subject to photograph. Add to this set-up a fifteen-week old gorgeous blue-eyed little F in the prettiest of dresses who fitted perfectly in the basket I found in the house. Position them next to a blooming poinsettia and voila, I had the perfect Christmas shot! But wait, there’s more…aren’t they just adorable in their matching reindeer pajamas? C & C, thank you for letting me capture these images of your beautiful family!


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