My biggest photoshoot to date: a clan of 22 people – 11 children 11 adults! – London Portrait Photographer

Where do I begin? 22 people which include 11 kids all under the age of 6! I reckon the best place to start is with the head of the clan…. no doubt the calmest and most gentle grandparents to 11 small children I have ever met!

We were all in one big room and the kids were running around, clambering over sofas and chairs, rolling on the floor. But it didn’t feel stressful or noisy for some reason. It felt as if life just carried on; it was normal. I was the “ab”normal one running around after the kids with a camera to my face. Here are some of the shots with the grandparents and some random shots of the day. I will post photos of each family in separate blogs.


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