London Portrait Photographer: Jo Totes camera bag Abby, a review…

Finally, a ladies camera bag that I can use everyday. It doesn’t look like a camera bag and I can use it without a camera too.

Jo Totes now has a UK distribution centre. This is great news. It has been so difficult getting proper camera bags – those that don’t look like camera bags – without having to pay international postage from the U.S. and customs tax when it gets here.

Here is my review of the Jo Totes Abby in black based mainly on my personal requirements namely:

1. medium day-to-day size for everyday use
2. flexibility of compartments
3. not too heavy nor bulky
4. double purpose: protects a camera when I carry one and can be used daily without a camera too
5. simple design

The Abby meets all the above criteria. I have listed below the pros and cons in my opinion.



*I love the front zip that also doubles up as a flap / cover. It is spacious enough to hold small items {e.g. lipsticks, a small mirror, pen etc} as long as they are not too bulky. The two zips make the zip openings go in both directions too or in the middle. Very sleek design.


*The 4 little studs on the external base of the bag protect it from dirt, scuffs and scratches.


*One of my favourite details is the short strap with the brass hardware at both ends so they are conveniently detachable but secure enough that they don’t just click open too easily. I love the simplicity of the strap and goes with the overall clean lines and no-fuss style of the bag. There are two buckles on both sides of the bag that are adjustable so that you can pull to make the bag slimmer and vice versa.


*There are 4 pockets on the rear of the bag, 3 have zips and one is left open. Handy for cards, phones, wallets. I also like the fact that these pockets are not on the front so the zips are more protected from pickpockets.


*The 2 magnetic buttons on the front work really well. There is also an inside pocket, another handy feature.


*The inside foam protectors are not heavy nor bulky so I leave them there as dividers even when I’m not carrying a camera. Where shown above as a camera bag, I have put a full frame body D610, 85mm 1.8G prime lens with hood attached and a speed light S910. There is still space on the sides for batteries etc.



*The long cross-body strap, though looks very durable, feels a little too thick and unwieldy. Where the adjustable buckle meets with the straps, the buckle becomes quite bulky that it is uncomfortable to use when over your shoulder.

*The bag comes with a strap protector which, given the bulkiness of the buckle/straps, ends up being quite a useless piece. I tried hiding the buckle inside it and it makes the protector more of a plank rather than a pliable material. I don’t think I’d be using this extra accessory a lot.

I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 mainly because of the long thick unwieldy strap. But at least there is still the option of a cross-body style making this bag pretty versatile. I have not been asked to do this review or been paid for it.

You can get the Abby Black Camera Bag here.

Thanks for reading and watch this space for more ladies camera bag reviews. Coming up are: Jo Totes ROSE, Kelly Moore JUJU, and Shootsac. So be sure to follow my Facebook page.

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