Martin & Lynne’s Wedding @ St. Andrew’s | London Wedding Photographer

Martin and Lynne’s wedding was very special. Not only because they are such an awesome young couple, but also because it means a lot to me too – personally. I have known Lynne and her family for 12 years when Lynne and her three brothers {each well over 6ft tall} were at that time only small children and a whole lot shorter than me!

What a fun wedding too! Non-traditional, seriously delicious food included in that, and really really happy. It wasn’t difficult to capture their sheer joy as there was so much of it. Overflowing.

Martin and Lynne, it was an honour to photograph your special day. I hope you like the photos and will treasure them forever! You are both such an amazing blessing to many already and without doubt, to many many more in the future.

Church venue: St Andrews Barnbury
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