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For a few weeks now, I’ve been thinking about this shoot. Another mini-project, with my usual models. Somehow this shoot never made it beyond being an idea. Until today.

Today, my only son started school full-time. Today had to be the day this min-project came into being. It has been a sunny day and I wanted to catch the golden hour. We live nowhere near any horizon in sight and are surrounded by walls, fences and trees. But the light was soft, and it was going quickly. So I grabbed what I could think of and set up this shoot within an area of 2 square meters.

There are days when I feel the need for inspiration more strongly than others. One of my aims in between shoots, especially during busy times, is to do something that stretches me. Perhaps something I’ve never tried before. But definitely something that inspires me and keeps my vision fresh.

This mini-project is a shoot of firsts – an experimental shoot:
1. Taken very late in the afternoon, almost touching the golden hour…
2. Edited using much richer colours than my usual style…
3. My first-ever back to school shoot.

I’m not entirely sure what I think of the final images yet and the deep and rich tones, but I hope some of you might like them.

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