you & i

london fine art wedding photographer lily sawyer photo


You are natural and classic, soulful and quietly romantic. You value traditional sentiments of faith, love and family. You treasure your loved ones and adore the intimacy of close friendships. You believe in love that is strong and beauty that springs from an inner joy. You aim to live life inspired and free, creative and adventurous, compassionate and confident. You deeply appreciate the simple joy and contentment of being with the ones you love. You love people. You care.


I aim to inspire creative freedom and encourage expression of beauty so others can experience a deeper enjoyment of love and life. I capture soulful, romantic and dreamy photographs of your wedding day punctuated with artistry, emotion, passion, warmth, precious memories, candid moments as well as heirloom photographs beautifully preserved.

I care that I do my absolute best because you have put your trust in me to tell the story of one of the most important days of your life. This is also why I want to get to know you a little before the big day so I can offer a personal service to you as a good friend who has your back especially on your wedding day. My top tip in making this happen is explained on the I heart London engagement session page.

As your personal wedding photographer, I am there with you on the day keeping an eye on the timeline and supporting you so you can fully focus and enjoy being with your loved ones, confident that your story is written in photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

My photography service has been based largely by word-of-mouth recommendation, a decade of it and counting. I like it that way. It assures me that my service to you remains personal and tailored to your requirements. After all, no one is exactly like you; you are unique and one of a kind.


We are a team, you and I. I will do my utmost, drawing from my experience as a bride myself once and as a professional photographer for many years, but you will always have a say and I will be listening – it is your wedding after all. Together we will work through how your wedding day could go as smoothly and worry-free as possible. One more thing, you will never feel that your day is taken over by photos but you will be surprised at how much we capture.

london fine art wedding photographer lily sawyer photo

“Thank you so much for all the meticulous planning, hard work and skillful coordination that you put into taking and editing such fabulous photos of our wedding day. You really went the extra mile. We love our photos and are very grateful for all the effort you put in.” Matt & Suzie

Click here for a free wedding brochure full of tips and ideas to help you plan your wedding. Contact me for a hard copy.