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For nearly a year now, Thursday has become a special day. It breaks the punishing school run rush, the constant looking at the clock, the mundane chores, the one too many un-home-made lunches and generally the busy-ness of life as a ‘mum of three’ ‘wife to one’ me. {For those abroad reading my blog, especially in Asia, this also means no maids no cooks no full time help – need I say more?}

Thursday is a day I slow down, chat, eat and relax like I wasn’t living in London’s uber fast lane. Thursday is. . .sewing club! Three two-year olds + three crazy mums = Sewing Club. Yes, our youngest do club with us, except they play in their 2 year-old worlds and very happily so; they are the best of friends! It’s like a creche that runs itself whilst the mums natter to their hearts’ content, sew pretty things, make quilts, cook, browse magazines, mend, cut fabric…the list goes on and on in Mummy craft world. And it’s great!

So let me introduce one of my sewing club buddies who let me have the privilege of photographing her gorgeous family a few weeks ago. Here is my lovely friend N with her family in our amazing and blooming local park – West Ham Park. Little ‘M’ is a super-bright girl; my eldest absolutely looks up to her. Little boy ‘R’ is my youngest daughter’s best boy-friend. My big mistake during this shoot was not to take her with me – she would have made R sooo happy and super-smiley!

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