My new bio page | London Portrait Photographer

I have not been in front of the camera for what feels like forever. The camera seems to prefer me to be behind it rather than in front of it. I cannot agree with the camera more – it must be said! And I like hiding behind my big sunglasses.

Alas the time has come to conquer yet another fear! So I invited two of my friends who shoot to take my portraits, test their patience and make them work extra hard.

Esther and Lisa who took the new photos on my bio page {except for this one}
Ls 32
can vouch that I am not the easiest person to photograph. And I can tell you that I am my worst critic too when it comes to editing my own photos.

But, we got there in the end! Thank you Est and Lis for bearing with me and taking these photos – a change from my my usual scruffy self! Click here to see the ones that made the final cut.

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