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Welcome back me, to my blog! I am soooo behind with blogging. It’s been a busy summer and I have sessions both to blog and never to blog! Plus photos of my family’s little breaks here and there and days out – it’s the summer holidays after all. I needed a mini-project for myself to keep inspiration and freshness up for the next hectic months.

Yesterday was that day. The mini-project day. We trotted off to the land of Legoland Windsor where 25 million bricks come to life in a child’s imagination. It was a bit strange for me as I expected a world of plastic bricks but it turned out to be very nature-green, like a zoo almost, but instead of earthly creatures, there you have it – they are all made of Lego – of course.

And then there were the Qs {queues}. They lasted an age. Certainly not worth queuing for 6 great rides for 6 long hours and that’s your Legoland day over – in my humble opinion. But if you have cash to spare, there’s always the Q-bot: their super fast-tracking-bypass-all-the-hot-and-bothered families-waiting-forever virtual queuing ticket and you’re one happy Legolander.

Before I move on to my mini-project images, I’d like to thank Tesco Clubcard vouchers for my free Legoland day trip that made it all ok despite the heat, the forever queues, 2 tube journeys, 2 trains rides, 2 bus rides equating into a 14-hour day that left my husband and I shattered and my kids – well, still raging to go. Otherwise I’d have been one super-grumpy Mummy!

Here are some images from the trip. The full set can be found here where the journey starts from London Waterloo station and ends on the train back.

Dg 2Dg 4
Dg 30
Dg 12
Dg 58

Dg 54

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