Wedding by The Gherkin @ St Helen’s: Jonathan and Emma | London Wedding Photographer

Since I started getting paid to take photos, both friends and my website have always acted as my ‘agents’. My clients contact me, they book me, we meet, I take the photos. Always. Until now.

Jonathan, a doctor, made me nervous. He sent me an email full of questions and asked to meet. No commitment to book me, just to meet…to see my “stuff”. Stuff? What stuff? All my “stuff” are on my website! – it’s pasted everywhere on my facebook, my photos, my cards…. it carries hundreds of images, so many that my web-designer husband has asked me to reduce the size of the images that I post on it. But I went ahead, booked a meeting, created inspiration boards, mounted them, and took them to the meeting to show as my ‘portfolio’.

Jonathan and Emma were like little kids, heartily laughing, chatting away, plenty of questions, really relaxed…it even turned out we have not just 1 but 3 mutual friends! I thought it went well, what was I so nervous about? There and then I had a feeling that I would really enjoy taking photos at their wedding and hoped for a good outcome. There was only 1 problem: Jonathan and Emma still had not committed to book me! They said they will get in touch.

Here we are, a few months later, an awesome engagement session done and now the very big, super-special, and, just as I had hoped and thought, fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable day: Jonathan and Emma’s wedding day.

Over the past few weeks, we have exchanged pages and pages of email about the wedding. Jonathan has planned it all down to the last dot…. to the point that I had to remind him if nothing goes according to plan, he mustn’t worry and let anything ruin their special day. But guess what, everything went exactly according to plan and more!

Deciding on the photoshoot locations is another long story… but we started off at Emma’s hotel in the city, then the fabulous Merchant Taylors‘, followed by the wedding at St. Helen’s just next to London’s iconic Gherkin, then in black cabs to Leadenhall Market and St Dunstans-in-the-East bombed out church, and finally back to Merchant Taylor’s.

Jonathan and Emma, you are perfect for each other. Your wedding was truly special and really reflected both your lively personalities. It was a testament to your strong faith in God and it was so much fun! I’m sure my lovely assistant Lisa {who did a very fine job by the way} would say the same thing too. I hope you are happy with your photos and do not regret hiring me!

To view the full set, I have split the albums into 2:
Preparation and Church
Portraits and Reception

Church: St Helens
Reception: Merchant Taylors

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