The talent behind Sugardust: wedding cakes and more | London Portrait Photographer

Oh yes these are edible. Before I reach for a fresh cup of Earl Grey tea in some dainty little china, I would spend a good while admiring the beauty and intricacy of these cakes and sugar flowers. Aren’t they too beautiful to eat? Oh but they must be eaten; these cakes are as tasty as they are stunning.

classic tea party roses english style cakes lily sawyer photo

Meet the incredible talent behind these meticulously designed delights. Janette Mok of Sugardust. She makes these cakes from scratch and with more love and care than you can imagine. It is easy to see how creative Jan is. A degree in Fashion Design after all has spilled in copious amounts into Jan’s baking abilities. And because I know her personally, I can let you in on a secret – she is also a master sewer and crafter; we call her the guru… Check out her Facebook page Sugardust HK here where you can see the most amazing yet simply beautiful Cinderella Castle, a Sylvanian family tea party, a truly sumptuous dark chocolate cake ganache with touches of the great Gastby, an English tea party wedding cake and many more – all in Jan’s distinctive sugar paste floral style.

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